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The Wrench
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This is a journal of my freegan journeys in bucking capitalism.
I'm a dumpster-pillaging deity of sewers and squats, a gender-whirl exploitatation of exploiters.

abandoned buildings, agenderism, alternative globalisation movement, amorality, anarcha-feminism, anarchism, anarchists, anarchy, animal rights, anti-civilization, anti-enlightenment, anti-essentialism, anti-fascism, anti-gender, anti-race, anti-statism, anti-sweatshop, anticapitalism, anticorporate, attacking shallowness, change, chaos magick, civil disobedience, counterculture, critical theory, culture jamming, dada, desire, dumpster diving, egalitarian sex, egoism, elitism, enlightenment, eroticism, ethics, fnord, food not bombs, freeganism, gender abolition, gender deconstruction, gender-free, genderless, genderqueer, guerilla gardening, guerilla ontology, guy debord, hating on lacan, healing, healthy living, identity, individualization, left hand path, lemonfingers, libertarianism, life philosophy, max stirner, meaning, memphis, mutual aid, nietzsche, nihilism, nonduality, nonsuperficiality, operation mindfuck, pansexuality, perversity, poetic terrorism, political philosophy, political theory, polyamory, post-leftism, post-modernism, protest, proudhon, q63, queer theory, queerness, questioning authority, questioning reality, reason, romanticism, sapiosexuality, self reliance, self sufficiency, self-awareness, self-destruction as self-creation, self-knowledge, self-mythification, sin, situationism, skipping, social construction of attraction, social construction of beauty, social construction of eroticism, social engineering, society of the spectacle, spirituality, squatting, subvertising, temporary autonomous zones, theater of cruelty, theory/practice, transgender, unsexing the body, vegetarianism, will, will to power, wrath, youth